Local SEO for Plumbers Cape Town

The Problem

With a new search engine algorithm being released Plumbers Cape Town started to see organic keyword rankings decrease and as a results the leads they were receiving were starting to slow down. It was crucial for the plumbing company to fix this problem as soon as possible before it was too late.

The Solution

During an initial SEO audit it was discovered that several key sections of the plumbing company’s website lacked basic SEO optimization. Diving even deeper, since the website was not optimized for mobile and tablet devices traffic coming from these devices were not converting at an optimal level. With these two major problems identified a local SEO marketing strategy was developed for Plumbers Cape Town. This strategy included:

  • Development of a responsive website to increase conversion rates for mobile and table devices.
  • Local SEO used to target specific cities and areas that they serviced
  • Monthly analytics reporting to help identify future potential problems and opportunities
  • Content development and strategy for increasing organic rankings on long-tail keywords

The Outcome

After implementing the local SEO marketing strategy and on-going monthly recommendations, Plumbers Cape Town experienced tremendous improvements in their business overall. Organic traffic increased by 15% and conversion rates from visitors to customers increased by 25%, with mobile and tablet traffic performing even better. This new found success has helped the plumbing company stay ahead of its competition within the search engine landscape.

Jordan has been a tremendous help for my company. His services and expertise is like no other and is well worth the investment. I plan to continue using his SEO services for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work Jordan!

— Daniel V, Owner of Plumbers Cape Town