A Node.JS script that uses vector search to identify internal link opportunities at scale for WordPress sites.

A Google Cloud Function that periodically checks and saves the official GoogleBot and BingBot IP addresses to BigQuery.

A serverless function that acts as a webhook for incoming CallRail phone calls and saves them into BigQuery for analysis and reporting along with backfilling historical data.

A Google Sheet extension that leverages BrightLocal’s API to gather and analyze Google Business Profile at scale across different brands and cities.

A severless function that allows you to save HTTP requests into BigQuery for logging and/or testing purposes.

A serverless Node function leveraging Tensorflow’s prebuilt toxicity model to identify threatening language, insults, obscenities, identity-based hate, or sexually explicit language across anchor text, UGC, or customer reviews.

A Google Sheet extension that allows you to easily create and publish GBP posts, Q&As leveraging the GBP API across multiple profiles.